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Panning Techniques Tips on in Photography

Panning Techniques Tips on in Photography

Panning technique in In Fotografi- Panning In Photography can represent or show a movement, feel the movement and speed make no obscure subjects such as engineering that goes on Slow Shutter Speed. Just look at the example below, where the first image is panning example, look at a subject that remains so bright and sharp, but the elements in addition to tiu seemed to blur as well as showing the movement of the main subject. This image can be made to wear Panning technique. See also Basic Photography Guide for Beginners.

Panduan Fotografi Basic untuk Pemula

Red Lady

Currently look at the 2nd image. This picture is a example of a technique Slow shutter speed or slow shutter speed. Panning also use a slow shutter speed, but not move or rotate the camera. A total of elements of the photo looks blurry, because the static camera positions.
Shutter Speed ​​Train ColourPop
Guides do Panning

- Panning requires a steady hand, and also inevitably slow shutter speed - Shutter speed is needed actually really depends on the speed of the subject itself, but it can usually be at a speed of 1/200 or slower. Wear 1/200 when subjects skitter, as in an oncoming car with fast, or race, or it can also use 1/40 seconds of a person jogging.

- Remember that the faster the shutter speed it will be easier to produce a sharp subject and too focused - while learning techniques panning, preferably do not wear shutter speed is too slow, put up in a sense quite slow to show little movement.

- Make sure the subject continues on the portion of the same frame at a time memphoto. This sort of thing can assure continued sharp subject

- Remember too that the faster the subjects moved the more difficult technique of panning is done. Point is linked to no: 3 in which hard to protect the subjects continue to be

- At the same portion in the frame at the time memphoto, when the subject is moving faster than the strength you follow it with the camera. So as to learn the technique in photography Panning, starting with moving subjects a bit slow, could further increase with other subjects that have faster movements.